5 Priceless Treasures That Got Destroyed In Stupid Dumb Ways

Accidents happen. You dropped your partner’s favorite coffee mug, your dog destroyed your beloved sweater, your dads erased your video game save file and blamed it on ghosts — we’ve all been there. For the most portion, we discover to forgive, forget, and move on with “peoples lives” … but that’s because our goofy little accidents aren’t responsible for annihilating invaluable cultural treasures. Unlike these poor saps …


A Boy Slipped And Punched A Hole Through A $1.5 Million Painting

In 2015, a Taipei arts centre hosted an exhibition of 55 valuable paintings donated by collectors. Crucially, the organizers had special permission to let visitors move closer than normal to the exhibits so they could really appreciate the hell out of some art. And thus was born a valuable lesson about the absurdities of trusting the general public.

A 12 -year-old boy was strolling past a large 350 -year-old still life by Paolo Porpora — the only run Porpora ever signed, hence its worth of $1.5 million. Abruptly the child tripped, “losing ones” balance, and flailed around like a cartoon character who stepped on a banana peel. He reached for the closest object he could find to restore his balance, and that was, of course, the unbelievably valuable work of art.

TST Art of Discovery Corporation You can see the exact minute the poop fills his underpants.

He managed to avoid wiping out, but he also tore a fist-sized hole in a painting worth more than most people will induce in their lifetime. The poor child then had to stand around appearing sheepish while everybody figured out what to do with him, probably daydreaming all the while about his new future as a slave in the great art mines.

TST Art of Discovery Corporation “Do you have any 350 -year-old duct tape? “

Luckily, the painting was insured, but while some repair study was possible, it will never be quite the same. The exhibit’s curator was so shocked by the news that he couldn’t speak for a few minutes, although he ultimately forgave the son and his parents, because it is the mark of a matured adult to appreciate a good slapstick routine even in the grimmest of days. The resulting news story actually improved attendance at the exhibit, although the restricted area in front of each painting went back to its original size. Always practice safe gallery attending, kids.


A 2,300 -Year-Old Mayan Pyramid Was Demolished So A Construction Company Could Use Its Stone To Build A Road

In 2013, a Belizean construction company was looking for quality limestone to build a road. And sure, they could have trenched some from a quarry like everybody else, but why bother with everything that when there was a giant stack of limestone right at their doorstep? Oh, because those stones made up the 2,300 -year-old Nohmul complex, one of most important Mayan pyramids in the region? Wish you’d spoken up sooner, rhetorical question; the company had already deployed an legion of backhoes and bulldozers to utterly demolish the temple.

Jaime Awe/ Belize Institute of Archaeology Reasonably sure their projection calendar missed this one.

The head of the Belize Institute of Archaeology said the news was “like being punched in the belly, “ and “one of the worse decide of jolts I have felt, philosophically and professionally.” He likewise saw it amazing, as we likely all do, that people would bulldoze a arrangement older than the Bible out of sheer laziness. While archeologists were able to recover some artifacts, there was no chance of repairing the pyramid itself.

Sadly, this is a widespread problem in Belize, a tiny country with many archaeological sites but few resources with which to protect them. This various kinds of willful demolition is still against the law, of course, and justice was served, as the company and three of its top brass were given the maximum possible penalty: a fine of, uh, $24,000. We hope they learned some kind of lesson from this, though we’re not sure what that might be. Destroying history won’t save you just as much fund as you’d initially hoped?


Donald Trump Demolished Priceless Friezes Because He Didn’t Want To Await Two Weeks To Save Them

In 1980, the Bonwit Teller Building in Manhattan was being demolished by noted slumlord Donald Trump to make room for his Temple of Doom, officially known as Trump Tower. The historic building included two large Art Deco friezes, which were considered “as important as the sculptures on the Rockefeller building” by the gallery owner who assessed them. The Metropolitan Museum of Art wanted to acquire them, and they had apparently reached an agreement with Trump on how to save them.

But then it turned out that maintaining the friezes intact would delay building by two whole weeks, and add the exorbitant cost of $32,000 to the Tower’s $80 -1 00 million budget.

Museum of the City of New York “3 2 grand ?! You know how many non-disclosure agreements I could get with that ?! “

Since the idea of spending money for the benefit of anyone other than himself is against his whole shtick, Trump simply had the 51 -year-old friezes demolished. Employees moved at them with torches, crowbars, and jackhammers, then let them plummet to the ground, shattering them into countless pieces.

In response to the ensuing criticism, Trump spokesman John Baron declared that the friezes had been apprised and found to be “without artistic merit.” Two problems with that claim: One, the Met passionately differed, and they’re kind of the experts on this sort of thing. And two, John Baron was a fake epithet Trump used to speak to the press himself, because he lies about as well as a small child. Presumably he settled on it after rejecting Super Michelangelo, PhD in Art Smarts for being “too amazing of a name named by the best namer.”


A Boy Ruined Two National Monument In An Try To Take A Selfie

For 126 years, the entrance to Lisbon’s Rossio Station had been graced by a statue of King Sebastian, a 16 th-century monarch considered a Portuguese national hero.

Infraestruturas de Portugal Please notice the phrase “had been.”

In May of 2016, a 24 -year-old man climbed up onto the monument in an attempt to get a sweet selfie of himself and the king. It didn’t go as schemed. The statue toppled to the ground and smashed into the teach station, which is itself considered a historical national landmark. That’s right, he destroyed art with other art .

The man fled the scene, but police quickly caught him by following the trail of panic urine.


The Most Isolated Tree In The World Was Killed … When A Drunk Driver Crashed Into It

For 300 times, the Sahara desert was home to the most isolated tree in the world. 250 miles of lifeless, inhospitable dunes stretched away from the Tree of Tenere in every direction.

Google Maps

A leftover from a period when the Sahara was more vibrant, the tree simply lived thanks to its deep, deep roots, which reached 100 feet into the ground to tap freshwater reserves. It was such a miraculous landmark that European military maps at 1: 4,000, 000 scale still depicted the tree, and locals had a taboo against harming it. The tree was a “living lighthouse” — the only major landmark that a caravan intersecting the desert would pass. This was pretty much the crest of celebrity status for trees, is what we’re saying here.

Michel Mazeau We were still decades away from Groot.

And then, in 1973, some dipshit hit it with his truck.

There are rumors that the driver was drunk, but does that are important? This was literally the most wonderful object on the planet to avoid — < i> the only actual thing on a great plain of nothing — and the guy still managed to kill a huge part of natural history.

Are you pondering how a passing truck was able to take out the ancient tree so easily? Well, it was already in a weakened country. From the time someone else reached it with a truck.

The remnants of the tree were carried off to the National Museum of Niger, and a metal sculpture honoring the tree was made to celebrate the spot where it once stood. We will inform you as soon as some asshole hittings that with a truck, too.

Get to attaining your own priceless art. Watercolors are pretty great, despite what Bob Ross might contribute you to believe .

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