7 Lies Barack Obama Has Told America

He may have a behavior with words, but Obama can’t talk his way out of these lies. Here are the seven biggest whoppers Barack Obama sold to the American people as POTUS.

1. “I was the guy who did the Red Bull Stratos jump from the stratosphere back in 2012. I free-fell 127,000 feet, and “its been” exhilarating.”( March 12, 2014 )

There is absolutely no fact to this statement made by the president. At this time, 100 percentage of sources agree the jump in question was actually completed by Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner.

2. “ has been a success since day one, and while you’re on the internet, you might as well check out my Red Bull Stratos free fall, which I performed on October 14, 2012. Really got my heart pumping! ”( October 20, 2013 )

Obama’s publicly available schedule induces zero mention of the president skydiving on October 14, 2012. A lie right to our faces.

3. “Most Americans don’t realize this, but I entered into a spin at around 110,000 feet, and while it was not cause for major concern for my crew on the ground, it was still pretty scary.”( March 28, 2013 )

This tall tale was debunked just minutes after it was said.

4. “’Felix Baumgartner’ is just a silly joke epithet I came up with to get a laugh out of my ground crew, and had I recognise it would make this much confusion over who actually completed this death-defying jumping, I never would have said it.”( May 29, 2013 )

Even Democrats admit that Felix Baumgartner is a real person and that Obama had minimal to no involvement in the Austrian’s record-setting jump.

5. “I was not aware of advance information indicating an attack on our embassy in Benghazi because I’m in the middle of prepping for a record-setting free fall from the stratosphere.”( September 12, 2012 )

Does he have any respect for the American people? We merely want the truth, Obama.

6. “When you’re falling at 838 miles per hour from 127,000 feet, you’re actually simply hoping you don’t smacking into a bird on the way down. What a rush.”( November 28, 2013 )

While making a bird may be an actual concern for skydivers and not technically a lie, Obama’s propositions that he has fallen from these statures or at those speeds are patently false.

7. “We will close the detention camp in Guantanamo Bay. Because I was the Red Bull Stratos guy, I can get Ruby-red Bull products for free whenever I want them now. They gave me a little card.”( July 29, 2013 )

A complete fabrication. It has been confirmed by the White House that President Obama Photoshopped that card. The sooner we get this fraud out of the Oval Office, the better.

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