Brave: Emma Stone Just Opened Up About Her Childhood Struggle With Object Permanence

Emma Stone might only be 29 years old, but she’s already done more to destigmatize something that many young Americans struggle with than any celebrity has done before her. During a can’t-miss interview on Ellen yesterday, the Oscar-winning movie star altogether blew us away by bravely opening up about her childhood struggle with object permanence.

Bravo, Emma. This various kinds of openness takes real strength.

Since the amazing confessional interview aired yesterday, millions of onlookers have insured the powerful clip in which the actress revealed that as a child she struggled with the fundamental concept that objects continue to exist even when they are not actively being observed. While she had never talked about her conflicts publicly before, Stone revealed that for a short time when she was a toddler, every time she closed her eyes, she believed that her toys and parents had disappeared forever, simply to realize them once again when she opened her eyes.

“Sometimes I would be playing with my father, and all of a sudden he would say,’ Where’d I go? ’ and vanish behind his hands. Just totally run. And I would have no mind what had happened, ” said Stone yesterday, to emphasise if other children out there are experiencing similar adversities, they are not alone. “But then just like that, he’d say,’ Here I am! ” and reappear. I couldn’t figure it out, and until I was 7 months old, this would happen every day of my life.”

“If I can tell only one confused, worried child that just because your daddy sets a doll behind his back, it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever, then it’ll all have been worth it, ” she added.

Wow, that really is powerful. Thanks to Emma Stone, hopefully tons of young children out there struggling with object permanence can find hope in her powerful narrative. Now, any child who starts screaming during a game of peekaboo can find solace in her story and look on the big screen and discover a role model!

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