Incredibly Kind: Harry Styles Has Gained 800 Pounds So That Fans At His Concerts Can See Him Better

The internet is on fire today after a heartwarming tale violated about a pretty special celebrity who hasn’t let his ego get in the way of connecting with his fans. Harry Styles recently gained 800 pounds so that fans at his concerts can see him better!

This is an improbably generous be removed from one of the nicest people in music!

Harry Styles’ devotees got the amaze of a lifetime on Wednesday when the golden-voiced heartthrob lumbered out onto the Staples Center stage weighing four times his original torso weight, and now amply visible from hundreds of yards away. Concertgoers in all sections of the arena were able to get a clear position of Styles’ huge new torso , no matter how far back the latter are seated! At 800 pounds, Styles is now a hulk behemoth whose incredible mass was simply impossible to miss. Even for the fans sitting all the way up in the nosebleeds, the jumbotron was altogether unnecessary to get a detailed opinion of this altruistic pop hotshot!

Talk about a beautiful lane to give back to your devotees!

Styles took to Twitter this morning to address his generous new weight gain and to hurl his fans some enjoy 😛 TAGEND

As if becoming one of the most massive people alive wasn’t a sweet enough gesture, the 950 -pound Styles is also maximizing his visibility by swapping out his logo darknes slim-fit suits for a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt and neon sweatpants. Now it’s almost impossible not to see every inch of Styles’ heaving body as he shifts his weight from one knee to another, singing makes like “Two Ghosts, ” “Sign Of The Times, ” and even deep cuts like “Don’t Let Me Go.” This is definitive proof that Harry Styles is one popping sun who will always move the extra mile for his fans , no matter how famous he gets!

Absolutely amazing. It’s always refreshing to hear about a celebrity who will still go out of their style to make sure each and every fan is like a VIP. Way to go, Harry!

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