New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Get You A Kiss At Midnight

Stressing over New Year’s Eve makeup is seriously underrated. Everyone preps for the big night by blowing money on a sequin-covered dress( that they’ll simply wear maybe twice a year) and a fresh blowout. Nonetheless, does anyone actually take into account how important your makeup is? If you plan on going big, it merely builds sense that your face says the same thing. I intend, it is after all, the very first night of the new time, aka a big fucking bargain. This means you’ll need to look~ on degree~ for everyone you’ll be expending it with and the army of skanks that follow you on Insta. If you haven’t even begun thinking about WTF you’re doing for NYE , not to mention which eye shadow you’ll be using, NBD. I’ve discovered five makeup ideas that are the perfect inspo you need to get started.

1. Smokey Eye

This is one we’re all too familiar with, but can hardly pull off without looks a lot like we have two black eye. Whether you want to go dark with blacks and grays, match the strategy of your getup, or do something in between and neutral, attain your life easier by using a colored sculpt pen like Burberry’s Eye Colour Contour Smoke& Sculpt Pen to mix the shades together seamlessly.

2. Glitter Fest

NYE is always about all that glistens. Even if you dislike wearing dresses that are extra af, you can obvs still low-key incorporate a full-out glisten fest with your makeup. After applying whatever color you wish as the base, add glitter eyeshadow right on top( try Urban Decay’s Moondust Eyeshadow in any of the bajillion colours offered ). You’ll have everyone’s eyes on you the whole nighttime, regardless of what you wear. Jeans and a crop top? Still staring at you.

3. Bold-Colored Eyeliner

Maybe you just really enjoy makeup, or I guess you just like the attention. If you’re looking for something bold, finish and wing your go-to liner with a bright af color. Urban Decay Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner comes in one tonne of bold colours and goes on seamlessly. Use a complementary tint like red, blue, or violet so it doesn’t look like a Halloween costume.

4. Red Lip

When in doubt, merely do a red lip. It’s the most basic, yet classic look for a reason. I get it , no one has is high time to make a masterpiece out of thousands and thousands of eye shadow colors. Apply a neutral shade on the eyes and finish with everyone’s fave red, Rouge Dior.

5. Natural

My personal favourite, this is a looking that will get a ton of praises after merely putting in the minimal attempt. It’s not so much an “I only woke up like this” look because this is like, New Year’s fucking Eve, but it’s so simple, you can’t fuck it up. All you really necessity is a decent contour, a true-life nude palette( preferably one with a indication of shimmer) like the Too Faced Natural Love Palette, and the most basic af rose gold lip shade.

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