Rules Are Rules: Pope Francis Has Been Evicted From The Vatican For Owning A Cat In Violation Of His Lease Agreement

Welp, Pope Francis really goofed it on this one.

The head of the Catholic Church may be one of the most celebrated and influential public figures in the world, but even he has to abide by a certain situate of rules, and it looks like he’s learning that the hard way: Pope Francis has been evicted from the Vatican for owning a cat in direct violation of his lease agreement.

Yeesh. You gotta feel for the Holy father, but at the end of the day, his lease clearly indicates that housing any non-service animals as pets is strictly forbidden.

Just as he approached his five-year marking of residency in the lofty faith headquarters, the pope’s living arranging was threatened earlier the coming week when the archbishop who lives next door read the pontiff’s American shorthair scurry through his legs and into the hallway as the pope struggled to open his entrance while carrying a few bags of groceries. When his landowner heard the news, there was no deliberation: The pope was mailed packing, and he is not so pleased to see you both the situation 😛 TAGEND

You ever detest to finds person taking their globs in real day, and watching it happen to the face of the Catholic Church because of his own bonehead mistake stimulates it that much worse. Here’s to hoping that the pope can use such a situation as a learning process, bounce back, and find a great new home that greets him and his feline friend!

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