The Internet Cannot Get Enough Of This Guy’s Hilarious Amazon Beach Ball Review

It’s been said that life’s a beach, and if that’s the lawsuit then life wouldn’t expected to be completed without one of these humongous beach balls in it.

If you’ve ever felt like your life could use a bit more light-hearted humor in it, you should probably go check out the review part of any product sold on Amazon. Complete with horrible personal anecdotes about product faults and other accidents, you’re guaranteed to find at least a chuckle or two. But perhaps one of the funniest Amazon reviews middles around a giant 12 -foot inflatable beach ball and one not-so-happy patron.

I’m not exactly sure why you’d want a 12 -foot tall beach ball, but according to the reviews on Amazon people are willing to dish up nearly $100 for the inflatable plaything.

Amazon/ Sol Coastal

But not everyone is satisfied with their beachy purchases. Frequent reviewer Reid Hamlin dedicated the giant beach ball a two-star rating, and his epic short story is quick to detail why.

“We took this ball to the beach and after close to 2 hours to pump it up, we pushed it around for about 10 fun-filled minutes. That was when the wind picked it up and sent it huddling down the beach at about 40 knots. It destroyed everything in its track. Children screamed in fear at the giant inflatable ogre that crushed their sand palaces. Grown humen were knocked down to save their families. The faster we chased it, the faster it rolled. It was like it was taunting us. Eventually, we had to stop running after it because its path of harm and demolition was going to cost us a fortune in legal costs. Rumor has it that it can still “il see” stalking innocent families on the Florida panhandle. We lost it in South Carolina, so there is something to be said about its durability.”