The World’s First Erotic Theme Park Is About To Open And People Are Getting VERY Excited

Why are theme parks predominantly marketed as amusement destinations for children? Why do few people acknowledge the fact that adults are attracted to thrillseeking journeys and candyfloss too? Is it too much to request a theme park exclusively for adults?

After all, the world needs a place where all staff members don’t dress up as cartoon characters, where altitude charts aren’t applicable, and which allows you indulge in a little adult activity. Now, the world’s first sex-themed theme park is soon to open its doorways- to adults simply! Erotikaland is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and it is soon going to be opening its doorways to the general public after several years of construction. With erotic games and a “sex playground”, it has plenty of thrills which are guaranteed to induce you scream. Literally The highly-anticipated theme park- which is being lorded as “Disneyland for adults”- will allow you to sit inside a phallus-shaped bumper car as you forcefully ram into your best friend and total strangers. Talk about getting hit with a hard-on! Erotikaland, which expense $22.4 million to build according to the New York Times , boasts a cinema with vibrating seats and the curiously named “train of pleasure”. There is also an erotic sculpture park which will add a humorous twisting to your Instagram timeline. Treats on offer at Erotikaland are a far cry away from your typical, stale pretzel that other theme park give. Instead of a originality ice popping, Erotikaland serves up aphrodisiac snacks to get guests in the mood- like oysters, chocolate, and avocados. Erotikaland is certainly not a destination for the shy or prudish. With a sexuality store and a nude swimming pool, there are very few places where you can avert your eyes and not be met with something phallic or sensual. Nonetheless, there’s one thing which guests are perfectly, under no circumstances, allowed to do … Despite all the taunting elements of Erotikaland, actually engaging in any sex act at the park is strictly prohibited- which will undoubtedly be a massive letdown to guests. Sexuality on site is totally off limits, so make sure you book a hotel nearby! There is no need to be shy about your visit- although we wouldn’t recommend you share your vacation snaps with your straight-laced granny- because the whole purpose of the park is to promote a healthy position towards sexuality and nudity. In order to promote this, the park will have a museum which will train visitors on the history of sexuality. After all, everyone does it! If you’ve been appropriately seduced by the sound of Erotikaland then you’ll need to prepare to part with $100, which is the going price for entry into the park. Although considering that a period pass to Disneyland costs $ 105, it’s actually quite a competitive price. If you’re not remotely very interested in taking a trip then you’re not alone. Erotikaland has suffered a huge backlash from the Christian Socialist Party, who have been trying to halt the construction of the park which promotes safe sexuality and condom employ. Matheus Erler, the states members of the working party, expressed the view that the group don’t want Brazil to “be known as the capital of sex.” They also have concerns that the park may entice “debauched individuals” into the country, who have nothing on their head other than sexuality. Will you be booking a one-way ticket to Erotikaland to fulfill your most sordid fantasies? If this has tickled your fancy, why not take a look at life as a nudist? It’s time to get comfortable with your natural state …

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