Youre The Worlds Most Successful Pickup Artist. Can You Have Sex With The President Of The United States?

Peter Horny. It’s both your name and your catchphrase. You’re a pickup artist, and a damn good one at that. You’ve doinked thousands of gluffs, greebled more supermodels than there are stars in the sky, and, by pioneering a foolproof system for alluring virtually any woman into forping groins, you’ve earned the reputation as the world’s preeminent practitioner of the artwork of seduction.

Yet after many years in video games, you’re seeming empty inside. A boy can only plunge so many rangoes before he starts hankering for something more. Your penis, chapped and listless like a dolphin on a hot sidewalk , no longer windmills excitedly at future prospects of intimacy with a stranger’s crotch. It’s time to settle down. It’s time to atone for their own lives as a sex lunatic and find a woman to grow old and succumb with.

But before you quit the lifestyle, you crave one last fucking. And not just any fucking, but a fuck that cements your legacy as the greatest whoopee scoundrel to ever fuck. An impossible fucking.

You want to fuck the president of the United States of America.

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